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New Arbitrator Assignments Announced
 Oct. 13, 2014


The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission recently announced that effective November 1, Arbitrator Stephen Friedman will take over the Chicago call formerly handled by Arbitrator Kelmanson, and Arbitrator Michael Nowak will take over the Collinsville/Belleville call formerly handled by Arbitrator Zanotti. 

The Commission also is creating new Chicago calls for Arbitrators Bocanegra and Fruth that will take effect January 1, 2015. Because cases are continued for 90 days at a time, some cases are now being reassigned for the January calls. The commission's database may show the new arbitrator, but until January 1 the current arbitrator retains jurisdiction. Parties are instructed to address 19(b) Motions for Immediate Hearing and other matters to the current assigned arbitrator.

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