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About the ISIA

Who we are

The Illinois Self-Insurers Association (ISIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing and promoting the interests of self-insured employers and high-deductible employers in Illinois. It provides various benefits to its members, including legislative initiatives, discussion forums and communication vehicles on issues regarding regulation of self-insurance, and the administration of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. The ISIA is committed to aggressively pursuing a system that provides both employers and employees with an efficient and fair forum for processing and resolving workers' compensation claims. 


To ensure reasonable regulation and equitable administration of our workers' compensation system, the self-insured employer must be actively and forcefully involved in the development of regulations, legislative initiatives, and policy decisions. The ISIA provides the following services so the self-insured employer opportunities can be so-involved:

    • Advises its members on legislative matters and communicates to the Legislature the position of the ISIA membership
    • Coordinates common-interest appearances before the General Assembly and other governmental committees
    • Works in cooperation with, and provides specialized information to, other state and national organizations with common goals
    • Processes and distributes relevant information to members through email updates, as well as website updates
    • Sponsors an annual educational seminar in conjunction with the full membership meeting
    • Sponsors educational workshops on the subjects of vital interest to the membership
    • Provides a forum for discussion of members' common problems
    • Actively monitors changes to rules regarding self-insurance and the self-insurance privilege

Primary Achievements

The ISIA was formed in 1978, and assisted in the development of the guidelines for determining the financial requirements to self-insure workers' compensation liability in Illinois. The Illinois Industrial Commission subsequently adopted these guidelines. Through the ISIA’s efforts, the Self-Insurers Advisory Board was created. The board administers claims pending against insolvent self-insureds in Illinois, and reviews and makes recommendations to the Illinois Industrial Commission with respect to initial or renewal applications to self-insure in Illinois. The ISIA has filed or joined in a number of amicus briefs supporting employers in significant cases that have been appealed to the Illinois Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Illinois Self-Insurers' Association
20 North Clark Street, Suite 900 | Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 804-3534 | info@illinoisselfinsurance.org

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